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MSB Recording has become Encore Audio Archives. MSB acquired Encore Audio Archives November 2020. This has brought over 30,000 new recordings. If you ever find a recording that we do not hold the copyright to; let us know and we will immediately remove it. You can see some of the items for sale at Encore Audio Archives All new live recordings will be immediately uploaded to the subscriber section.

Tapers and Documentarians have been effected by COVID. You are welcome to listen and download any items the speaker has allowed for download. Your contributions of 3.00, 5.00 or 50.00 keep this service alive during COVID. Thank you for your contributions.
We are a full service Audio and Audio Publishing company.  Although we have a large focus on 12 step recovery we also work with public organizations such as Breaking The Silence Fresno.   We look forward to being your full service company at your important event.   You may call us at (559) 485-1502 or email us at bill@msbrecording.com

We look forward to working with you.

Billy and Sheri.

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